Football FUNdamentalz 52’s Education Department promotes student achievement and prepares athletes for global competitiveness, while fostering educational excellence and a lifelong enjoyment of sports through the core values of discipline, teamwork, respect, and integrity. The Education Department’s vision is to foster personal relationships with all of our student-athletes so by reaching out to meet with students throughout the school year regarding academics, behavior, social and emotional development, and providing mentoring for additional support. Remember, a student-athlete is a student first, and an athlete second.
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​Kendra has spent the past 18 years teaching mathematics, as a Curriculum Facilitator/Magnet Coordinator, and a Math Coach at the elementary and middle school levels. Currently, she is a Supervisor of Elementary Mathematics with Guilford County Schools, where she provides professional development to curriculum facilitators and teachers on best practices and the delivery of instruction in the area of mathematics. Kendra also works with a team of educators in providing professional development to teachers outside of Guilford County in the areas of mathematics and the development of classroom management skills. Kendra is also pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Kendra N. Bledsoe
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